SMASH Electives For January
~ January 2014 ~
Make sure you sign-up for SMASH. Registration Forms are available in Room #103 or go online to and click on the Register for Fall link and fill in the form for Snake River SMASH   program.
For questions Call Madalyn @ (208) 681-4773 / (208) 785-8022 or Mel @ (208) 680-8707
Program runs Mon-Thurs 4-6pm and Friday 8am-12



New Years Day
Spaghetti Dinner Night
Board Game Night
Carnival Night
Movie Night

Despicable Me 2


8am – 12pm



Writing Out of the Box

Board,Board, Board Games


Hunters Ed.

Project Wild

Photography/ Reporting


8am – 12pm
MLK Jr. Day
No School
Event hosting at Blackfoot Community Center
10a.m. – 4p.m.

Writing Out of the Box

Board,Board, Board Games


Hunters Ed.

Project Wild

Photography/ Reporting


8am – 12pm



Writing Out of the Box

Board,Board, Board Games


Hunters Ed.

Project Wild

Photography/ Reporting


8am – 12pm

What is SMASH? 

SMASH stands for Students Mastering & Achieving Superior Heights and that is what we do. We are an after-school program for Snake River Jr. High School that works with 6th through 8th graders Monday through Thursday 4:15pm through 6:00pm helping the kids with their homework and teaching them life building skills and educational skills through fun hands on activities. We also will be at Snake River Jr. High on Fridays from 8:00am through 12:00pm for kindergartners through seniors for all enrolled students in Snake River School District.

Be sure to also check out the SMASH Facebook Page at

Meet The




Mel Winmill

AmeriCorps Team Leader

Favorite Hobbies: Mel loves to be outside. She enjoys working with horses by riding and training them and helping on a ranch with cattle. She also loves to be out camping, four-wheeling, and fishing. A total country cowgirl.

Favorite Thing About Her Job: She absolutely loves having fun playing the games and doing the activities right along side all of the kids. She also loves getting to know each individual student and learning to help teach them leadership skills to pass on to the next generation.

Sarah Loynd

AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: Sarah enjoys taking walks around town so that she can get to know the city that she is in. Sewing Levi blankets for her family on her off time is something special that she can make for them. She loves to do things with her family so that they never loose contact with one another. 

Favorite Thing About Her Job: She is focused in the math classes because it is something that she has always enjoyed when she was in school. She has found that helping the students to understand math gives her a thrill. Knowing that she has helped them in some way lets her know that she is helping the next generation. This position has also helped her to decide what she will be doing with the rest of my life. She would like to go into teaching so that she is able to help the children of the future.

Kelsi Bone

CRW AmeriCorps Member

Favorite Hobbies: Her hobbies are cheerleading, hanging with friends, and being a mom!

Favorite Thing About Her Job: She loves her job! She loves the kids that she works with and she loves the relationships that she makes with them! Her favorite is Friday SMASH! 

Angelica Arias

AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: Her favorite hobby is playing soccer in any spare time that she has. 

Favorite Thing About Her Job: Her favorite thing about this job is getting to know all the kids in S.M.A.S.H and getting to interact with them and having a lot of fun.

Sami Bromley

AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: She loves to hang out with kids! One day she wants to own her own day care! Her favorite hobbies are camping, shooting, eating, and more! 

Favorite Thing About Her Job: She loves this job, because she gets to work with kids and help them do well in school! She has made a lot of new friends here at the Junior High! She wouldn't trade this job for nothing! It's a blast.

Melissa Jacobe

AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: When Melissa is not working or doing school work she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking with her dog, horseback riding, riding motorcycles, camping, fishing, gardening, and canning.

Favorite Thing About Her Job: She would like to be a mentor and assist students to master & achieve superior heights. She also wants to assist them in the classroom and in the afterschool program; she plans to assist with their school work, social & leadership skills.  By using her knowledge and experience she wants to receive a since of fulfillment by helping those in need. 

Amber Anderton

AmeriCorps CRW Member

Favorite Hobbies: Amber's hobbies are anything her kids are involved in. She has 3 boys and 2 girls so she loves to watch her boys wrestle and play football and watch her girls dance. She loves to go four-wheeling and motorcycle riding with her family. Amber also enjoys riding horses, watching movies, eating good food, baking, crafts, and going on dates with her husband.

Favorite Thing About Her Job: Amber loves working with the Junior High kids, they are so fun!!! She loves to see what an impact she can make with them and see all of their potential. She excited to see the Path to Scholarship program take off and be able to help these students with their future.

Karina Figueroa

AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: Karina's favorite things to do is dancing, playing basketball in any of her spare time, and drawing.

Favorite Thing About Her Job: Her favorite thing about her job is playing with the kids and building a relationship with them.

Kathy Lowe

AmeriCorps RTI Member

Favorite Hobbies: Her favorite hobbies are quilting and designing her own designs, hiking, movies, going out with friends, and going to family gatherings.

Favorite Thing About Her Job:  What she likes most is helping the students one on one with their assignments to help them solve them. It’s wonderful to see the students achieve this. SMASH is a after school program, first forty-five minutes is doing homework or reading, then the last hour is doing projects or activities. She enjoys doing the computer work in the library for the team.

Bianca Zarate

AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: Her hobbies are getting good grades or at least to try to get good grades. She also enjoys cheer-leading and soccer those are her two main hobbies. She loves to travel everywhere. Others hobbies she likes are shopping, hanging out with her family and friends whenever she can, and dancing is also one of her favorite things to do. She also enjoys music and drawing as another two hobbies she likes.

Favorite Thing About Her Job: What she enjoys about my job is she can make someone else have fun and help them with their homework. She also can have fun in work and it’s not boring either; you’re always up doing something. She thinks helping kids with homework is going to help her in the future if she ever got married and had children she will know how to help and be interacted with them, and it gives her a good feeling inside to know that she helped someone that day and  it makes her feel really happy that she did.

Amanda Steever
AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: She enjoys reading and writing her own short stories. She loves spending time outdoors, especially in the spring and summer months. Most of all she loves spending time with her family and friends.

Favorite Thing About Her Job: She loves spending time with the kids in class and at SMASH. They brighten her day all the time and they don't even know it. She especially loves when kids come up and say hello to her outside of school. It's truly heart warming knowing she has made an impact on someone's life.

Marlen Martinez 
AmeriCorps Team Member

Favorite Hobbies: Some of the hobbies that she likes is to hangout with friends and family, play soccer whenever she has spare time, and during the summer she like to go swimming and bike riding.
Favorite Thing About Her Job: The thing about her job the most is that she likes is hanging out with the kids and also getting to know them better, and also like helping them in any way possible. 

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