Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Going Green and Cooking Matters!

The kiddos have had a great time creating their own garden at the center. They helped plant peas, strawberries, green beans, peppers, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, huckleberries, watermelon, and much more! The kids have been very active in planting, watering, weeding, and (hopefully very soon) eating their hard work!

One of the electives offered to the Activity Center kids has been a cooking class. The kids have learned about the importance of nutrition, food preparation, how to read a recipe and plan a meal, and making healthy choices when it comes to eating a snack. Low cost meals and food substitutions were also things that the cooking instructors taught. This elective was a huge success! Way to go blue, green, and purple groups!

Ula Ahi Fun in the Sun!

The Ula ahi sure enjoy having a great time at SHARK! There are about 12 preteens and teens that are building leadership skills, learning to work together, and helping with the groups of daycampers. Thursdays they get to spend the day together making crafts, playing games, and being kids! 
Some of the activities that they have participated in have included tie-dying, car washes, and Pride Days. Their upcoming events include a Parent' Night Out on August 3 and a Rummage Sale on August 10-11. Check back for more details...

Who knew how fun the giant elastic band could be...

Pride days was a huge success! The waterslide turned out to be a great SPLASH since the temperature was in the high 90s and people found the waterslide to be a refreshing option!

And we can't forget the 2-litre chugging contest!

WOW! Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

I can't believe we are over half way through our summer daycamp program! Our campers had Zoo much fun in June!
We played at the Equality Park, ate our sack lunches and then headed for a walk to the WILD SIDE for an afternoon of learning experiences!

We learned that the zoo recently acquired a new female tiger. She is seven years old and her name is  Russian for beautiful.

Silly Miss Madalyn, the bears are at the other side of the zoo...