Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Growing by LEAPS and Bounds!

I am so proud of our Leapfrogs! They are so smart and have learned so much this year! Some of our most recent activities have included exploring the new magnetic board! Making shapes and matching up patterns has never been so fun!

Our kiddos have such a nice time playing together. They are learning to build friendships, share ideas with one another, work out discrepancies in a positive manner, and foster relationships with caring teachers!

Who doesn't love playing in water? 

I am amazed at some of the four and five year olds! They are learning to recognize and count higher than ten. Some can identify numbers up to 30. We play an identification game where the kiddos match a certain amount of items to the number on the tag in front of them. Most of the kiddos love the challenge of making sure their numbers match the items. They also classify these objects by colors, and size! Way to go Friendly Frogs! 

Exploring with paint is a weekly favorite! We have learned our primary colors and explored mixing secondary colors! Orange is a favorite creation!

Hopscotch is always a fun past time! Building our motor skills, coordination, and balance is a great way to explore movement!

Building forts in gravel has been a great way to explore at the sensory tables. The cool colors and textures of marbles added even more fun to our discovery this week!

Every one of our kids created their boats in a unique way! Way to go, kiddos! Miss Kim and Miss Madalyn think you are all amazing!


It was a super fun week filled with heroes and villains. The kiddos created their own superheroes complete with secret identities, weaknesses and an arch nemesis!  

Meet the boys' creation: DARKMAN!

Homemade silly putty was the BOMB! Miss Madalyn and Miss Lesa never cease to amaze me with their  creativeness! The kids had a great time making silly putty and watching the print  copy onto the putty.