Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Testimonials: We Are Making A Difference......

"I LOVE BCC!! My little guy K loves going! It was so nice finding a place that was affordable and one that offered so many activities! We love the Friday Night Parent Night! Thanks guys for all your hard work and helping my little guy learn so much all while having a blast!" Hannah 

"Just got home from there and can't wait for L's party next weekend!" Vicky

Blackfoot Community Center!
"My family loves the community center. It helps us out financially and I don't have to worry that my kids are latch key kids. They get helped with homework on a daily basis. We love this bonus because once we get home from work we cook dinner, finish homework, bath the kids and there is no time for family time. With the center helping with homework it gives me a little more time to spend with my boys. I am very blessed to live in Blackfoot and have a community center in our area. Thanks for all the effort to help our community become a better place." Jodi

"The Blackfoot Community Center has made a great difference in my family life because I noticed my sons are [improving] physically, academically, and socially with other kids and made them more responsible of their actions.Thank you much." Blanca

"The Blackfoot Community Center has made a difference in our daily lives. We used to struggle to get our children to child care because they did not enjoy themselves at all. Now we know that not only are they being well cared for, but they are learning valuable skills: community service, respect, friendship, etc. The community center helps them with school work and they learn new and different things they would not have been exposed to if not for the program." Theresa

Due to the financial cost of day care and after school, we would not be able to do what we are doing without the Blackfoot Community Center and Ashlee Howell and the amazing staff here. I have 4 children that have made age appropriate growth in their social skills. The center teaches them about being kind and fair and respecting others. At times I am overwhelmed with the demands of parenting and working- where I "drop the ball" I feel the Blackfoot Community Center helps me fill in the gaps. The other huge benefit my family feels is the physical activities offered to the children! They love the walking, the swimming, the movement and gym, etc. My kids love it! Academically, the center encourages reading and library visits. The kids value their leaders' opinions and I found D wanting to read to please them! I also appreciate the wonderful attitude that the center has towards children. My kids are bummed out when I show up and interrupt their activities. They LOVE the program and that gives me a peace of mind that even though I'm not a stay-at-home mom....my children are cared for and loved by the adults in their lives. Thank you for all you do! We love you!" Jotein

The Blackfoot Community Center has helped my family financially, emotionally and socially. My children have attended The Center for two years now. It is nice to know that my children have a safe, fun and consistent place to go. The activities that are offered have been way above expectations. They did not receive this type of community interaction within the daycare setting. The cost has financially helped our family. I was paying in excess of $600 per month for private daycare and additional activities were extra. I am truly thankful for the center and all the workers. My children have enjoyed meeting new friends." Katie

The community center has made a difference by helping our family emotionally because it has given B a feeling of giving and caring. He has blossomed and has came out of his shell. All of the walking and playing has helped him physically. And socially he has made many friends and has a boost of self confidence! Thank you so much! Barbara

"This program is the best I have learned about for my child in this area. I think the program is structured, and reinforces skills kids need in life in general. My child has grown this summer being involved in the fabulous program. Thanks to everyone who contributes to my child's well being." Hailey

"I am so glad we have a program like this in our community. It is so important to teach children how to get involved in their community. I never had a program like this when I was my sons age and am thankful he gets this opportunity. Not only is the Community Center good for community involvement, it has also made a difference in how my son is doing in school. Not only has this program helped my son, it has forced me to get more involved and meet people I may not have had the opportunity to. Blackfoot has definitely needed a program like this." Daynna

"How I feel about the center can't even really be explained in words. My daughter has been attending the SHARK center since September 2009 and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. The staff at the center are all incredible people. They are great with all of the children. I have noticed amazing changes in my own child. The center has helped my daughter gain confidence and respect for others. I love all of the activities that the staff provides for my child. I removed my child from daycare because all she did was sit there after school, she was never challenged or had activities to do. The center has been such an inspiration for our community. I love how involved they are in the community. The center has been a wonderful program for all of our children and I can't imagine my daughter being anywhere else. Thank you for all that you do!" Sandra

"A Big Thank you! in all you guys do. I truly appreciate everything you guys do. My children enjoy their time, all activities, staff, and volunteering they do. They have developed great social skills, the physical activities are great for them. Academically they are learning tons with your help. Thanks again and our family is truly grateful for your program!" Ashley


"Wow, where do I begin? The Blackfoot Community Center has made such a wonderful addition to our family. Without you my boys would be at a daycare playing with toys or watching TV all afternoon. I appreciate all you teach them: service, honesty, respect, volunteer, a sense of community, love, friendship, self worth, etc...You have helped financially not having to pay huge fees for a couple hours after school. I LOVE The Center. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Also, the homework help is the best. I work full time and knowing that the boys are getting the help they need is great. By the time I get home, dinner made, it is time for bed."

"The Blackfoot Community Center 'leapfrog' preschool program makes it possible for us to financially afford a preschool program, which I otherwise would not be able to do. It also offers me an opportunity to be involved with my child's education, which gives me peace of mind emotionally. I feel gratified that my input and experience will be used as I take part in the co-op program. The program also gives my daughter an opportunity to interact socially with other children her age and prepare to interact positively with a teacher on a daily basis. I am also excited to see the progress in my child academically. The extended hours offered (9 hours a week-vs-other programs that only offer 6-5 hours) I believe these longer hours combined with volunteer participation will give my child more opportunities for success academically. I am also impressed with the curriculum. I believe it will offer her an opportunity to excel in many subject areas. The program offers sensory activities, art, and literacy experiences. This will be a fun and exciting environment for my child."

"I love the community center!!Having uplifting and enriching financially-friendly programs is so important to my family. I really believe in personal development in all of the areas in order to better contribute to the community of which we area a part. Providing children with opportunities for social, emotional, physical, and academic growth is expanding horizons for them and in turn expands their futures. As we expand the future for our own children, we make a better future for our community and the world in turn. Thank you for making a difference!!!"