Monday, February 13, 2012

Gung hay fat choy!

Happy New Year in Cantonese! Yes, our Leapfroggers and SHARK kids both celebrated Chinese New Year with games, craft projects, snacks, and books about the Chinese culture.

Our Koi Pond was so cute with all of the beautiful bright fish that the children designed.

We also learned about panda bears and then made panda bear noisemakers using paper plates and rice.

The Leapfroggers made brightly colored dragon puppets using the warm colors of red, orange, and yellow. They added sequins to make them extra sparkly.

The SHARK kids also spent an afternoon figuring out if they were born during the year of the rat, dog, monkey, or ram. They also wrote their names in Chinese characters which was a fun learning experience!

Miss Lesa and Miss Madalyn's Yellow group spent one afternoon replacing our dried out playdough with brand new soft and fragrant playdough that was handmade. The kids enjoyed mixing  flour with cream of tarter, alum, water, and some wonderful smelling spices like cinnamon and cloves. They made two colors: pink and blue. The soft and yummy smelling playdough was a hit with everyone and continues to be a fun elective! Thanks Yellow group for the fresh playdough!