Sunday, March 29, 2009

Children's Science Club Receives Grant

The Wonder Kids Science Club, for K-5th graders, is now being offered at the Blackfoot Community Center. The Science Club is included in the all-inclusive SHARK After-School Club membership fee of $25 per month or seperately for $5 per meeting for non-members. Thanks to an $1800 INL Community Grant, the Science Club can now purchase new child-size science equipment and other materials to help our Wonder Kids explore their world!

Our Wonder Kids have already witnessed chemical reactions, such as homemade erupting volcanoes and tasted their own fizzy lemonade. They have made Oobleck (not a liquid or a solid - what is it???) and have designed and flown their own kites. They have also learned about:

Physiology - our amazing sense of sight

Meteorology - tornadoes (cyclones, twisters); being a weather watcher

Physics - how sound travels; invention and innovation for kids

Zoology - animal adaptions for survival

Botany - Arbor Day and why we love trees; planting a flower garden

We are looking foward to warm weather and many more outdoor science adventures and explorations! The Wonder Kids Science Club meets on Fridays from 4-5pm. If you are interested in more information about the Wonder Kids Science Club, please contact the BCC.

We certainly want to recognize and thank INL for their tremendous support and contribution to this program.

The kids are loving it!

Survey Results Are In!

The results are in! In order to better serve this community and in order to provide enriching learning experiences, we surveyed 726 first through fifth graders from local elementary schools, asking them about out-of-school time programming. Here are the results:

Student Survey

We need your help! The Blackfoot Community Center wants to create an after-school program that is exciting and useful for you. Please answer the following questions to tell us about your opinions and ideas for after-school activities. If you would like to get even more involved in planning after-school activities, or be a club officer, ask your teacher for more information about the after-school program.

About You:

1. Boy 375 Girl 351 What grade are you in? 1-5

2. Check the sentence that best describes your feelings about attending an after-school program.

86 I already participate in activities after school.
382 I would definitely be interested in going to an after- school program.
113 I have other responsibilities after-school and could not go to an after-school program.
104 I am not interested in going to an after-school program.

About Your Interests:

3. Which activities would you enjoy or like to try? Check all that apply.

(Only the 20 highest ranking activities are listed)

Swimming 451
Wii 442
Bowling 391
Field Trips 381
Climbing Wall 360
Cooking 348
Basketball 312
Karate 310
Computers 303
Soccer 286
Ping Pong and Table Games 284
Tumbling 283
Board Games 283
Legos 279
Crafts 277
Gymnastics 273
Woodworking 270
Art Lessons 267
Dance (Hip Hop, etc) 264
Science Experiments 249

4. What other times would you like to participate in these activities?

113 holidays / inservice days
300 weekends
441 summer

5. If a bus could take you to these activities, would you ride it? 466 Yes

6. What are some ways you would like to get involved in the after-school program?

107 Deciding what programs to offer
181 Planning after-school activities
158 Being a club officer
112 Advertising the after-school program
89 Your idea: Helping Others/Tutoring

7. Which types of “advertisement” would interest you in participating in the after school activities?

210 Student-designed posters
182 Flyers sent or mailed home
78 Presentations by students who are in the after-school program
251 Rewards for students who regularly attend activities

About Your Education:

8. Would you like to do better in school? 615 yes

9. Do you feel like you need additional help in one or more school subjects? 286 yes
a.Which ones?
The most requested subjects were Math, Reading, Spelling, and Science, in that order.

10. Would you like to be able to get help with your homework? 260 yes

Wow! Thank you to all the elementary students and their parents, staff, prinicipals, and secretaries for helping with this survey. We are very excited to use these results and plan programming that will truly benefit you. With that in mind, watch our blog for information regarding summer programs, classes, courses, and camps the whole family can enjoy!